Week 2 scouting report: Brian Robinson is a bell cow, Geno Smith redeems himself and more

This is one of those weeks where I have to say up front that I don’t really cover injuries here. It was a week of brutal injuries. There won’t be any clarity on these players until Monday afternoon, and perhaps not until Wednesday, when the first practice reports are released. With that caveat, let’s move on to week 2…

Puka Nacua. Hakuna Matata. He set a new record for most catches in the first two games of a career. But that was just the Niners’ defense. And Tutu Atwell I did it again too. It’s crazy how the Rams found these guys without a first round pick. Glory.

Kyren Williams seems to be man now with disabling Cam Akers and the reports it will be exchanged. Williams had 10 targets, a crazy number for a guard in this offense, and probably a temporary adjustment to the opponent. Don’t expect a repeat.

Tyler Higbee the season was canceled. Not even a pilot episode.

He was a four-star tank from the Cardinals.

Saquon Barkley seemed seriously injured, but we are waiting for news. It was in the last minute of the match, on a postponement, to simply reduce the time.

Daniel Jones not only saved what started out as a terrible game, but it also dominated fantasy.

The Jets were completely outclassed on both sides of the ball by the Cowboys. The defense couldn’t get off the field on third down. Zach Wilson that’s not the reason they lost. It was a team effort.

If Sauce Gardner wants to be Revis 2.0, he needs to follow the best WR. You can’t let Lamb CeeDee eat DJ Reed, who is good but not great. The lamb is great.

Tony Pollard was a real crusher and had very projectable volume. It is now a bell cow.

Brian Robinson is also a bell cow. I just hate myself for ranking Antonio Gibson upper. Horrible. I fell into the receiving trap and the trap of trying to evaluate the talent of running backs when in reality it’s just touches.

There really isn’t much to take away from an unusually explosive offensive performance by Denver. TD scorers did not score goals. Javonte Williams It didn’t look good. Can we really expect this Russell Wilson running is predictive? I’m at a loss.

Jerry Jeudy Didn’t have much impact but should have had the tying two-point conversion. It was wide open.

But everyone wants to talk about the pass interference on this play (set up by a Hail Mary miracle).

The Falcons really dominated Green Bay, regardless of the score. They ran 29 more plays and gained 0.9 more yards per play. They had 27 first downs and nearly doubled Green Bay’s yardage. Jordan Love was rather uninspiring despite the excellent passer rating. In all honesty, he was once again without Christian Watsonalthough this probably seems to be an ongoing problem with Watson, not exactly “The Iron Horse”.

AJ Dillon failed to assert itself in the absence of Aaron Jones.

On the Falcons side, two of their three Stud Skilling players got involved. However, 26 of the 45 rushed attempts resulted in unsuccessful attempts.Bijan Robinson, which doesn’t appear to be a factor near the goal line. Robinson is great though. Drake London had a solid game but doesn’t seem to have much ceiling. I was not at all impressed by Desmond Ridder in the first half where I was really focused on this match.

The bills seemed very strong on both sides. Their offense was multifaceted and Gabe Davis really stepped up with a game that can give his managers confidence for at least the rest of this month. James Cook is valuable at full-PPR, and he’s a good player, but he’s not a factor on the goal line – the most important part of the bell-cow triad.

The big story for the Bengals is that Joe Burrow injured his calf again and could barely leave the field. Again, maybe it’s not a big deal, but I’m guessing he’s expecting to be gone for about a month. In fact, I’d sign for this right now if I had Bengals on my roster. This would obviously cripple Cincy’s offense, already the most disappointing unit in the NFL. Ja’Marr Chase was my #1 player once Burrow was reported healthy in camp and this pick currently looks like a league underdog. However, Chase is now a forced hold. God goes fast if you write it down.

There was no clarity in the Baltimore backfield. I would expect Gus Edwards being the goal line back, which gives it a higher floor. Gus Edwards catching a pass is one of the seven signs of the apocalypse.

Lamar Jackson I had a fantastic bomb Zay Flowers, a real laser that felt like an old-school Joe Namath highlight. The flowers didn’t really do anything else. Oddly enough, the Ravens were never really desperate/forced to play.

I was ready to bury Geno Smith, especially without the two starting tackles. But he looked great, except for a total brain fart on a sack where he ran backwards into his own 10 and almost cost Seattle the game. DK Metcalf I’ve been out a few sets due to a rib injury, but it seems to be going well. Smith just put the ball down the field so methodically. There were hardly any large pieces. It was death by a hundred cuts.

On the Lions side, David Montgomery was taken away and his managers thought it was “The Murder She Wrote” for him. But his injury would not be serious.


Afterwards, Jahmyr Gibbs injured himself (ankle) and needs to be monitored.

Jared Goff was also very good except for a Pick 6 (I know, HUGE exception). I wouldn’t go out of my way to get Josh Reynolds but he deserves to start somewhere in the Flex 10 leagues. Everything can change after four more games, remember: Jameson Williams’ suspension ends.

The Chargers once again did everything right on offense, including no turnovers, and their defense sputtered against one of the league’s most hapless offenses. Such a load! Yet we expect great things. EACH. YEAR. What’s wrong with us?

Keenan Allen It was great, but the Titans might have the worst pass defense in football.

Man, Quentin Johnston is being released. At this rate, it will be playable in 2029.

I was ready to put Mike Evans out to pasture Tall WR but, boy, was I wrong. I thought that if the size didn’t paralyze him, Mayfield Baker would be. I’m also traditionally Evans’ biggest fan. Such a model of consistency. I couldn’t be happier that he made me eat crow. I love this guy.

Justin Fields…34 dropbacks, five sacks, two picks. That’s seven sacks plus picks (sacks are mini-turnovers because they almost always kill drives, even on first downs). So 21% of the time Fields flashes back to a 1970s disaster movie. Last year it was 18.2%.

With competent QB play, DJ Moore would have had 200 meters. It’s wide open and Fields waits and waits and… Sack.

Patrick Mahomes wasn’t great. He was 4 of 13 on third down. There were few explosive plays, but how can there be? Yet he completely outclassed Trevor Lawrencewho wasn’t ready for the spotlight. Travis Kelce I tried. Justin Watson This might be interesting, even though he escaped and one of his targets was a choice. Watson looks like a player, at least to me.

Obligatory Dad Joke: Marquez Valdes-Can’tling. Amirite?

We were all up to it Calvin Ridley for the gold jacket last week but Canton isn’t waiting, it seems. He’s fine, really. Maybe the Chiefs defense is just really good.

Christian Kirk we had a great rebound game, but remember Zay Jones was injured and Ridley also injured his knee hitting the goal post, it was reported (although both played).

Anthony Richardson suffered a concussion during his second TD run and reported symptoms. But remember, running QBs doesn’t hurt. Only pocket QBs.

Zack Moss: Bell cow? All right. I’m not going to fight you.

Dameon Pierce had no chance. It wasn’t his fault.

CJ Stroud can make every throw, without a doubt. We will talk about Nico Collins And Dell Tank in Tuesday’s “Market Share Report.” So hold your horses.

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