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Wedding professionals happy “to have a clear timetable” – France

Silence is golden on the side of seamstresses and other sellers of wedding dresses. In Quimper, they do not want to talk and, in Brest, they are too busy with retouching. Proof that they retouch. And so, here and there in Brittany, lovers are preparing to marry in just marriage. The information is not thin. Because, since the covid surges, even the family bamboches are more than constrained.

“We are delighted to see a little more clearly”, advance immediately Claire Pennarun, caterer in South Finistère and vice-president of the association of caterers of France. At stake, the announcement of the government that loosens the embrace around alliances, from June 9, and allows the many professions committed to the success of the best day of a life to see the blue line of the garter.

In June, we adapt

“We finally have dates and we know what we can do,” she continues. However, it distinguishes two major periods, in terms of what it has been able to collect since the announcements of the State. There are in this lot two categories which do not seem to pose any problems: those who had already opted for a postponement, sine die, of the nuptial march (“we have some in June, we must not hide it”) and those who will marry after July 1. “From what we understand, the restrictions will be lifted. By respecting the strict sanitary rules, like last summer, there will be no problem. The wedding in July and August will be classic ”. There remain therefore those who want to maintain their marriage at the fires of Saint John. “The month of June will not be a virgin. We are looking for solutions to stick to the rules, namely reduced gauges and constrained schedules. Since yesterday, we have been working with customers to find out if they want to move the meal forward a bit. For us, caterers, the meal will have to be finished with the curfew, namely at 11 pm ”.

Already, we have not seen cancellations but postponements. People prefer to take the time and get it right

The castle of Trédion will wait for July

This is not quite the opinion of Thierry turpin, which manages the Trédion estate, near Vannes. In the game for thirty-two years, he knows “that, for an area like ours, you need at least two months of preparations”. The park will count “only ducks and daisies” until July 9, but the boss wants to release a new wind of optimism.

The Château de Trédion in Morbihan. (Archive photo Catherine Lozac’h)

“Already, we have not seen cancellations but postponements. People prefer to take the time and succeed ”knows the one whose agenda is filled up to the horizon 2023. And if he considers this“ second year of black wedding ”binding for all marriage professionals like him (DJ, florists), he believes in the end of the tunnel theory. “We had our heads in the sand, but today we have to move forward”. It is certain that the park will regain its former rhythm, that the blurred years will become clearer. And that in the summer of 2022, full as an egg, amorous laughter will escape into the skies of Morbihan.

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