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Weather in Brittany: the thermometer will get carried away this weekend – weather forecast

The mercury will rise this weekend throughout France. Peaks of 35 or 36 ° C are even announced in the South, in the hinterland of Perpignan and in Provence. “France will remain under the influence of high pressure,” explains Régis Crépet, meteorologist for La Chaîne Météo. The sunny weather will continue and the heat will intensify, becoming a little heavy in the south, where thunderstorms can break out in the mountains. “

Above the Loire, a light north-easterly wind will however make it possible to attenuate these strong heat. This will be the case in Brittany in particular: “This light sea breeze will refresh especially the north of the region, the Channel coasts,” explains Régis Crépet. It will allow you to breathe this weekend! Monday and Tuesday, on the other hand, it will be heavier and more suffocating. “

Not easy to take the plunge

On Saturday, La Chaîne Météo announced 17 to 23 ° C in the northern half of Brittany, 24 to 27 ° C in the southern part. But it is especially on Sunday that the mercury will rise: 26 ° C in Saint-Malo, 27 ° C in Brest and Quimper, 30 ° C in Vannes… “There could even be peaks of 33 or 34 ° C on the borders Pays de la Loire ”, continues the forecaster.

Summer temperatures are announced this Sunday. (The Weather Channel)

In short, an ideal time to go to the beach… Even if the more cautious will still find it difficult to take a dip. It will indeed be necessary to jump into water at 14 ° in the northern half, 15-16 ° in the south of Brittany, or even 17 ° in the Gulf of Morbihan. “The sea temperature is two degrees cooler compared to seasonal norms,” notes Régis Crépet. This temperature difference between the hot air coming from the continent is also what can cause condensation and give the sea mists observed in places this week. “

First weekend with a curfew at 11 p.m.

As good news never comes alone, it will be possible to stay outside until 11 p.m., since the curfew has been pushed back by two hours since Wednesday. These balmy evenings at summer temperatures will be perfect for getting together around a barbecue or having a drink on the terrace. However, Régis Crépet recommends that residents of northern Brittany bring a small life jacket, because it will still cool off after 9 p.m.

The sun will therefore remain bright until Tuesday. On Wednesday, the weather is likely to turn to thunderstorm. And from Thursday, temperatures will drop to around 20 ° C. All the more reason to take advantage of it this weekend!

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