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“We did not fight only for our Fañch, but for everyone” – Regional languages: the Molac law examined by the Assembly

“Diwall Jean-Michel! If I take out my tilde, watch out! “. Will little Fañch be used as a “weapon of mass destruction” against the Minister of Education and the government, if the bill on regional languages ​​is not passed this Thursday? This is in any case what is suggested, not without humor, in the last video of the Breton artist Simon Cojean where the young 4-year-old Rospordinois appears.

Un year and a half after the judgment of the Court of Cassation, which had validated the first name of the boy by rejecting the appeal of the Attorney General of Rennes, the one we call little Fañch, has happy days surrounded by his whole family in Kernével (Finistère).

“He speaks French and Breton and also sings in Breton. He is in Olympic form “, smiles the father, Jean-Christophe Bernard, not a little relieved that this judicial soap opera ended with a happy ending:” When we were told in the maternity room that his first name was not accepted. , we never suspected for a single moment that it would take so long. We found that absurd. Fortunately, we had a lot of support during these three years ”.

From now on, ” Fañch’s tilde appears well on all administrative papers typed on the computer. We’re not bothered anymore. Like what, it shouldn’t be that complicated to write your first name
finally… ”, he quips.

A fight for all regional languages

No question of claiming victory so far. Jean-Christophe Bernard reminds us: “If we won, it is a little thanks to a procedural flaw. The objective is for this law to change the situation in the long term, because we did not fight only for our Fañch, but for everyone. There are also the Catalans, Basques or Corsicans who want the diacritical signs to be recognized, ”argues the father of the family.

A fight reaffirmed on March 13, in Quimper, where 4,000 people gathered to defend regional languages. Of course, that day, little Fañch was one of the stars of the procession. “All the politicians came to talk to us, it went on forever. But afterwards, apart from Paul Molac, we never saw them again! “.

A political mobilization that the father would like to see revived this Thursday, during the parliamentary debate. “Without the confinement, I would have even made the trip to the Assembly to see that, just to show our faces! “, Assures Jean-Christophe Bernard who hopes to attend, in front of his small screen, to” a historic victory “.

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