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WATCH THE NBA FOR FREE: Brooklyn Nets @ Milwaukee Bucks on Sky Sports NBA News

Watch the live coverage as the Milwaukee Bucks host the Brooklyn Nets in hopes of securing a win that would bring them closer to joining their visitors in the playoffs.

The Nets are one of four teams that have already secured their postseason spot, but following the loss to Portland last time around, they’ll be eager to return to victory as they fight to retain the seed. .

Philadelphia is only half a game away from Brooklyn and will travel to San Antonio later Sunday knowing they could be in first place if the Nets slip.

Milwaukee, which will host its Eastern Conference rivals for the first time in three days, stands on the way to the Nets, and the Bucks are only three and a half games behind the top seeds, so that Sunday’s action could prove crucial.

Follow the action live via the video feed at the top of the page.

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