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Watch the first 5 minutes of NBC’s new show, La Brea, now!

Hole-y moly.

NBC’s highly anticipated new drama La Bréa follows a family torn apart after a massive chasm opens in the middle of Los Angeles.

As those who fall into the hole find themselves in a mysterious primitive world, the above-ground survivors struggle to understand why and How? ‘Or’ What the chasm opened in the first place. At the center of all the chaos is the Harris family, forced to unlock the secrets of this unprecedented disaster to find their way back.

Nathalie Zéa, Eoin Macken, Zyra Gorecki, Jon seda, Nicolas gonzález, Chike Okonkwo and Karina logue lead the overall distribution, with La Bréa premieres Tuesday, September 28 on NBC. Now fans can get a glimpse of the first five minutes of the catastrophic drama below, including witnessing the traumatic (or is it?) Natural disaster of the expanding chasm.

During the clip, the concrete shatters with an invisible force as the cars roll off the road. A skyscraper collapses as a mother (Zea) falls into the abyss as her daughter Izzy (Zyra) tries to save her. See their heartbreaking farewells in the first five minutes.