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Watch Peacock’s Intense First One of Us Is Lying Teaser

Detention sucks already, but when there’s a mysterious murder, it’s hell.

On Tuesday July 20, Peacock released the first teaser for their upcoming teen drama, One of us is lying. The mysterious new murder, based on Karen M. McManusThe 2017 bestselling novel tells the story of “what happens when five high school kids go into custody and only four get out alive. Everyone is a suspect and everyone has something to hide”, depending on the streaming service.

And, as the first glimpse below indicates, there will be plenty of intrigue and mystery to unbox. “Welcome, Bayview”, victim Simon (Marc McKenna) says. “I hope you’re ready for a crazy year because it’s only the first day of school and one of these four made it my last.”

Pipeline The breakfast club, the main suspects are Brownyn (Marianly Tejada), which is the “brain”, Nate (Cooper van Grootel), who is the “criminal”, Addy (Annalisa cochrane), who is the “princess” and Cooper (Chibuikem Uche), who is the “jock”.

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