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Watch Kate Hudson’s 17-year-old Ryder with his wellness videos

Kate hudsonPerhaps the funniest review of is in his own house.

During the September 14 episode of Late night with Seth Meyers, the How to lose a guy in 10 days alum confessed that his eldest son, 17, Ryder robinson, has a hilarious knack for poking fun at his wellness videos and social media posts.

As those who follow the actress may know, Kate has not only ventured into the fitness world with her own clothing brand, Fabletics, but she also shares wellness tips and products on her page. Instagram. In fact, the host Seth Meyer showed the actress a reel of must-see footage with Ryder impersonating her famous mom.

“Hey guys, Kate Hudson here,” Ryder says in the video, with his mom standing next to him. “I know you know me because you follow me, I’m so funny.” And after explaining that he was getting ready to make a “goji berry protein shake,” he then (like his mother of course) continued, “It’s delicious. I give it to my kids. love it. My whole family love it. “