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What are memes if not a persevering “WandaVision” moment?

Episode 8 of “WandaVision” took everyone on a journey through Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) past, experiencing her traumas, her thriving relationship with Vision (Paul Bettany) and a moment. particular who made the Internet talk.

As Vision comforts Wanda on her Avengers Compound debut, he says, “But what is heartache but love persevere?” And at the time, the line hits hard.

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Wanda and Vision at the Avengers Compound.

After the episode, he was praised by critics and fans alike to the point that one of them is particularly effusive and incredibly popular tweet threw it into memory. “This line” has since become an online talking point, reaching a level of virality usually reserved for lawyers who find themselves stuck in chat filters on Zoom.

In an interview with HuffPost on Monday, “WandaVision” director Matt Shakman reacted to the line’s virality by saying, “It’s a beautiful line. And I think part of the reason it went viral – besides being a nice replica – is that it’s the main driving story we’re telling, what’s the story of, how do you deal with it? you mourn? How do you come out of the loss? “

“Right now, we are in the middle of a global pandemic. We did not expect “WandaVision” to be released under these circumstances. Who could have predicted that? ” He continued. “I think there is an added resonance to the show in general, but more particularly to a line like this, because we are all trying to deal with heartbreak.”

Shakman said he “had always loved that line,” giving credit to the episode’s writer Laura Donney and explaining how it basically encompasses everything “WandaVision.”

“The idea, the running thread of the whole series, is how Wanda deals with her loss,” he said. “And she creates, obviously, Westview accordingly, and the journey of the whole series, episode by episode, is about how we deal with loss.”

The director also opened up on how Vision’s exact reasons for choosing to move to Westview can still be a mystery, and what he hopes fans will take away from the series as they suffer their own loss regarding some of those wild fan theories.

If Vision runs on computers in “WandaVision”, how can it overcome CAPTCHAs that require you to prove that you are not a robot? People want to know.

[Laughs] I really enjoyed the memes of him as the traffic light from Episode 6. There are some really creative people out there.

Episode 8 reveals that Vision has acquired a piece of land in Westview where he and Wanda can grow old together, but why Westview?

This is a great question. You know, I don’t think there’s a definitive answer as to why Westview, New Jersey. Obviously, the city we see in Episode 8 has had a hard time following The Blip. But at one point, it was a very cute little town. The Avengers Headquarters is right up on the Hudson – so within driving distance, a lovely place.

So, do the Avengers get paid? Or at least an allowance, I guess, so that Vision can afford some land, right?

I suppose so. I don’t think he snatches a piece of his Vibranium and sells it for bitcoin, then buys it. I don’t know how it works. But yeah, I guess there is a paycheck at stake.

OKAY. Good to know. And since you mentioned the Blip, what was it like to show the traumatic side of people coming back from Thanos’ snap? What were the behind-the-scenes conversations?

There has been a lot of discussion about this. The show is about grief and loss and putting your life back together after going through those incredibly difficult times. [Monica Rambeau’s] The journey after losing her mother aligns with Wanda’s journey, and we always wanted these two characters to have an overlapping story so they would understand each other. And that would kind of help explain Monica’s interest in Wanda. They both deal with grief. We had seen a few people return from the Blip in “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” used primarily for comedic effect, like the marching band appearing in the middle of the basketball game. I love this scene. It’s super fun. But for us, we really wanted to explore how disorienting it would have been to come back. You were here, then you left, then you are back. What would it do? And that’s why we chose to film this as one single shot following Monica because it’s all happening around her, the chaos of it.

It definitely changes the perspective on the Blip. So what’s the problem? Did people fall from the sky on their return?

The exact rules of Blip – [which] I think Kevin Feige talked about this before – the idea that planes really don’t fall from the sky, that Professor Hulk had a better work plan to make sure people were safe. But it’s really about how we deal with those moments and what it feels like to come back out of the void, whatever it is, and realize your mom is gone.

There are so many theories heading into this week’s finale. We have Jimmy Woo with a missing person. There could be something with Señor Scratchy. What do you think the reactions will be?

Gosh, you know, I guess you can’t please everyone. Abe Lincoln said that, right? You may like some people once in a while and not all of the time, to paraphrase the great man. But there will certainly be theories that people have it that won’t pay. There will likely be some mysteries that people will have to keep waiting for more in the future. But for us, as caught up as I have been with everyone studying the different mysteries and creating theories, at the end of the day, as I hope people came together in the last episode, it’s a story. human. It’s a story of lost treatment. That’s the basic story we’re trying to tell, and that all the weirdness and exploration of the sitcom – it all had a real purpose. It was about Wanda trying to escape from this world and turn away from her loss.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.


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