Walmart shoppers may be eligible for up to $500 from class action settlement

(NewsNation) — Some Walmart shoppers who purchased weighted groceries or bagged fruit may be eligible for a cash payment as part of a class action settlement with the retailer.

The class action lawsuit, first filed in October 2022, alleges that Walmart shoppers in the United States and Puerto Rico who purchased certain meats and seafood sold by weight and certain citrus fruits sold in bulk bags paid more than the lowest price advertised in stores.

Walmart has denied any wrongdoing but agreed to pay $45 million to settle the dispute.

Customers who believe they have been affected can submit requests for cash payment. Here’s how to determine if you’re eligible:

Who is entitled to cash payments?

Cash payments are available to anyone who purchased certain weighted meats, seafood and bagged citrus fruits, including certain oranges, grapefruit and tangerines, at Walmart in the United States and Puerto Rico between October 19, 2018 and January 19 2024.

How do I request a settlement payment?

Consumers who believe they are eligible should submit a claim online or download a form to print and mail to an address listed on the form.

The claim form asks consumers to submit contact information, provide descriptions of the types and amount of items purchased, select a payment option, and offers the ability to upload receipts.

Consumers must submit a claim by June 5. A final approval hearing is scheduled for June 12. Objections and other comments to the regulations can be made until May 22.

How much should I expect?

The amount of payments will vary depending on each claim. It is possible to earn money even if you no longer have a purchase receipt.

Consumers without proof of purchase can receive between $10 and $25, depending on the number of eligible products they prove they purchased during the settlement period.

Those with receipts or other documentation can receive 2% of the total cost of each product purchased, up to $500.

What will happen next?

Approved applicants will receive their payments electronically via Venmo, Zelle, ACH or a prepaid virtual MasterCard. Paper checks may also be requested for those who cannot receive payments electronically.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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