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VW ‘sorry’ for PR Voltswagen stunt at the start of April Fool’s Day |  Economic news

Volkswagen has apologized for “any confusion” admitting that a publicity stunt with an electric car on Tuesday, March 30 was an attempted April Fool’s joke.

Media organizations around the world, including Sky News, accurately reported how the company’s U.S. operation planned to change its name to “ Voltswagen of America ” from May.

He spent several years trying to restore his reputation in the country through a green future in the wake of the diesel scandal scandal.

VW’s cheating of global emissions testing regimes has cost it more than $ 30 billion (£ 21.7 billion) in the United States alone and has since placed itself at the forefront of the global passage of vehicles with conventional propulsion to all electric.

Volkswagen was trying to draw attention to the new ID.4 SUV. Pic: AP

But the company admitted Tuesday evening UST that the name change was an April Fool’s Day joke and a press stunt to draw attention to the launch of its new SUV.

VW officials have previously expressed frustration that its EV efforts have garnered less media and public attention than Tesla.

A VW spokesperson later told Reuters news agency he intended to raise the profile of the new car in “fun and interesting” ways.

They added: “The many positive responses on social media showed that the campaign resonated with consumers.

“At the same time, we realize that the rollout of the ad has upset some people and we are sorry for the confusion it has caused.”

The world’s second-largest automaker plans to double deliveries of electric vehicles and increase profits for its main brand this year after accelerating its shift to fully electric vehicles.

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