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Vladimir Putin addresses internet criminals – RT en français

In a meeting, Vladimir Putin strongly condemned the actions of criminals who use the Internet to abuse the trust of children. Speaking of “insects” to designate them, the Head of State insisted on his firmness on this subject.

On the occasion of a meeting in the Kremlin with participants of the national civic campaign “We are together” which aims to promote mutual aid and solidarity among Russian citizens in times of epidemic, the President of the Russian Federation , Vladimir Putin, sharply condemned the criminals who use the Internet to abuse the trust of young people.

As the Tass news agency reports, he sharply castigated individuals who invite young people to break the law by participating in illegal demonstrations, those who engage in child pornography or drug trafficking as well as those who push teenagers to suicide. “On the internet, we are dealing with child pornography, child prostitution, the sale of drugs, where children and adolescents are precisely those who are targeted, we are pushing them to hang out in the streets and to fight. with the police, taking care to hide behind them, ”he said.

The Head of State joked about the fact that when the police “caught these monsters”, they appear very different than on the web: “On the Internet, it’s a Rambo who pushes a girl or a guy to jump from a roof – and he comes up with a whole design that leads him to that – but when the cops walk into his house, he does in his pants, literally. He’s a bastard, you understand, an insect, we would have no mercy to crush him ”. He then concluded by regretting that these people manage “to organize their activities in such a way as to take advantage of all this, by displaying advertisements in addition to other things”.

The national campaign “We are together” brings together associations, companies and citizens who commit to volunteering to help those who would be particularly suffering from the Covid-19 epidemic. As a preamble to this meeting, Vladimir Poutine thanked the participants for their year of work, stressing that 10,000 companies had joined the movement, and that this civic initiative had gathered 200,000 participants.

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