Visibly emotional George Russell heartbroken by Singapore Grand Prix crash

Mercedes driver George Russell has admitted he feels like he has let himself and his team down after crashing on the final lap of the Singapore Grand Prix.

A terrific race brought the Briton seconds from glory as he chased down McLaren’s Lando Norris and eventual race winner Carlos Sainz.

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Russell looked devastated after sensational workout ended in DNF (/caption)

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Russell tried to sum up his mood but couldn’t hide his raw emotions (/caption)

But after seeing Norris about to lose a lap earlier, Russell clipped a barrier and ran headlong into a wall.

Teammate Lewis Hamilton finished third as Mercedes nearly won with a brave strategy of searching for fresh tires during a late safety car.

But Russell, despite a sensational drive, looked devastated after the race.

Asked if his accident broke his heart, Russell told Sky Sports: “Yeah, no words to be honest.

“Such a long race, a physical race. Difficult to stay focused when Carlos (Sainz) is doing a great job supporting the peloton, not allowing us to do the alternative strategy.

“I think we were half a car away from winning the race. If I had passed Lando when I had the chance, I think I could have passed Carlos.

“Just in the last lap, one millimeter of concentration error and the match is over, so I’m really sorry to the whole team.

“It was a really tough race, the tires are falling and you’re pushing the limits.

Russell’s car hit the wall but the driver escaped unhurt
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Russell’s car was then brought back to the pits (/caption)

“This is how racing should be. You make a mistake and you (pay) for it. But it was heartbreaking after such a good weekend.

“The car felt good. Qualifying was great. The race was great, we were bold with the strategy. I feel like I let myself and the team down.

“F****** race. It’s hard but we’ll come back.


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