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Virginia pitcher Stephen Schoch takes victory despite fan bribing him to lose with Dippin ‘Dots

Stephen Schoch secured Virginia a victory in the NCAA baseball tournament on Tuesday by pitching 3 1/3 innings, allowing one earned run and striking out five.

While Schoch was happy with the victory, it came at a cost. That meant he would miss out on the free Dippin ‘Dots that an Old Dominion fan gave him to blow the game up.

In a post-match interview, Schoch shared the story and joked about exactly why the offer gave him a break during the match.

“I heard a fan give away free Dippin ‘Dots if I mess it up, and the price of Dippin’ Dots with inflation is just unreal,” Schoch said. it sounds good.’ But I also thought in the back of my mind, we are winning today, we are winning tonight, we will be there another day. It’s more of a daily allowance. So that means I can buy my own Dippin ‘Dots and be a winner.

It definitely seems like the better choice in both scenarios. And if Virginia continues to win, that could mean even more Dippin ‘Dots for Schoch.

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It wasn’t the only comedic comment featured in Schoch’s interview. He also explained his mound mentality while toning down some of the more colorful languages ​​that usually come to mind when pitching.

“I think three words every time I’m out there,” Schoch said. “The first is a swear word, start with F. The second word attacks. The third wins. And I repeat that to myself unless there is a breach in the system and I walk a guy. Then I tell me I’m a few different things that aren’t winning. I could break that, but then I come back to it. Just that, attack, win.

Schoch’s delivery is hilarious. He could have a replacement career as a comedian if baseball doesn’t work.

But at 6-5, 235 pounds and after posting a 2.52 ERA, 4-1 record and 52 strikeouts as a senior, he should be drafted and have a chance to continue his career if he wish.

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