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Viral video shows hammerhead sharks circling Florida bathers

Beachgoers in Florida screamed when a group of hammerhead sharks surrounded them.

Screams and laughter could be heard by adults and children alike as shark fins began to emerge from the water during Memorial Day weekend in Pensacola.

The video was captured by Jacqueline Lesso from Alabama, who was on a boat with friends on May 29 and counted several sharks while recording, Fox 13 News reported.

“They arrive !” a woman said in the video.

Two people sitting on a nearby float didn’t seem to be bothered by hammerhead sharks, while the third told someone to “shut up” when they said the sharks were right under her.

“None of the sharks were aggressive in any way and the screams were more excitement than hysteria,” Lesso told Fox 13 News. “A lesson learned to keep your cool and stay calm.”

Hammerhead sharks are known to inhabit the shallow waters of Florida’s Atlantic coast and are ranked seventh in unprovoked attacks against humans, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Hammerhead Sharks Surround Florida Beach Goers in Viral Video

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