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Violence during a football match in Arzon: a team takes refuge in the locker rooms – Vannes

“Such behavior is unacceptable,” began Gildas Gueho, co-president of the US club Le Cours. Sunday, September 19, while his team faced AS Arzon-Tour du Parc, the match had to be cut short at the end after violence between two players. Gildas Gueho speaks first of insults towards his players and the refereeing body, then tackles, until an opponent crushes the thigh of one of his players, “and hits him with crampon ”. “My player gets up, pushes the other, who then puts three straight in his face,” he recalls. Both are injured in the lip, the match is then suspended.

“Every year, it’s the same”

In the locker room, the co-president explains that insults continue to fuse towards his players – “great vocabulary” – and threats, such as “we will catch you”, are also uttered. For fear of being physically attacked, they find refuge in the premises “for twenty minutes”, call the 17, “but no patrol is sent”, specifies Gildas Gueho. “It’s the same every year,” laments the co-president, who intends to write a letter to the Morbihan football district. “We want firm sanctions to be taken so that these behaviors stop.”

Sanctions taken internally

A version that Jennifer Arze, co-president of AS Arzon-Tour du Parc, refutes. “It’s been four years that I am in this club, it is the second time that it happens like that”, she assures. For her, it was her players who were attacked and insulted. “Racist insults, there are enough”, she annoys. And to continue: “We were leading 4 to 2. We had no reason to derail the match four minutes from the end”.

On the Facebook page of US Le Cours, Jean-Michel Desmars, co-president of AS Arzon, specifies that “very heavy sanctions will be taken internally, as of this week”. Although “regrettable”, for him it is “a storm in a glass of water”. “This is not the first time that a match is tight”.