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violence after scooter accident involving teenager – RT en français

Clashes erupted in the district of La Duchère in Lyon following a scooter accident the day before which seriously injured a teenager. The circumstances of this accident have yet to be clarified.

Clashes broke out on March 4 in Lyon between the police and “dozens of people” in the district of La Duchère (9th arrondissement) as reported by the local daily. Progress. This violence occurred around 5 p.m., in front of the Lycée La Martinière, where municipal police officers were targeted by mortar fire, according to a police source cited by BFMTV. A municipal police officer was slightly injured while the police used tear gas. Four people were arrested.

At the origin of these tensions: a scooter accident, which occurred on March 3 around 2:20 pm, involving a teenager aged “13 or 14” who was driving without a helmet. Seriously injured in the head, the youngster was taken to hospital. Its vital prognosis is, for the moment, still engaged.

Circumstances yet to be specified

According to several police sources, it would be an accident not involving the police. The media Actu17 nevertheless specifies that the victim would have been driving a stolen scooter. The local press reports that the rioters blame a priori to the police to be at the origin of this accident. “The police crews were not there when the incident took place”, however, declared the prefect delegate for defense and security, Thierry Suquet, quoted by BFMTV.

“We will continue to appease of course. This evening, it has gone up a notch, we can regret it because there was this accident, but the work which is engaged will in any case continue ”, declared the mayor of Lyon, Grégory Doucet, who s ‘went there in the evening.

The deputy of the Rhône and spokesperson for Génération Ecologie, Hubert Julien-Laferrière announced on Twitter that he “trusted our [forces de l’ordre] to shed light on the accident suffered by a young person from La Duchère to whom [il] address [ses] thoughts ”.

The head of the list of the National Rally in the region, Andréa Kotarac, also reacted on Twitter: “The riots are spreading this evening in Lyon, La Duchère district. The country’s security situation is out of control! ”

Later in the evening, the situation calmed down. The principal of the Lycée La Martinière nevertheless indicated that there would be no lessons on March 5.

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