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Vincent Bruneau, superhero of the Perros-Guirec comic book competition

How did the idea for your superhero board come about?

I try to be inspired by the news, and as the covid has been rather present in our lives lately… (the superhero is the one who is vaccinated, Editor’s note). But there are also many personal references there, such as my cows, Meurthe et Moselle (my cousin and me), which I have been drawing for a long time, my grandfather Joseph who is the old man on the last box, or even the Minions that we see in the opening box, an order from my children. It’s a bit of a family collaborative board!

What techniques did you use?

I always start by working with a blue pencil, then with inks, watercolors and a brush marker. Then finally white highlights. The texts, them, were processed in the computer for a cleaner result.

With this board inspired by superheroes, Vincent Bruneau won first prize in the Young talents competition – Le Télégramme of the Perros-Guirec comic book festival (Source Perros-Guirec comic book festival)

What are your influences in comics?

Considering my age, I have been lulled by the classics: Uderzo, Franquin, Gotlib… of which I have all the collections, some since 1956. It is a real passion. I am rather clear line, but among the more recent designers, I read a lot of Enrico Marini or the series “The Killer”, of Jacamon and Matz.

Are you a young talent of 49 years old, but your drawing talent was already there for a long time?

I am an architect, but for some time now I have returned to my first love which is drawing. The death of my mother but also the meeting with Étienne Davodeau, on a show, reactivated my desire. In front of my sketchbook, he told me: “It’s already very professional! “. So it boosted me. Since then, I have been sending more boards to different festivals, such as that of Perros-Guirec (22), and I win prizes! In Ancenis (44), first prize, two consecutive years; in Chalonnes-sur-Loire (49), two second prizes …

The idea would eventually be to release a comic?

Yes, the point of view is first of all to make my characters known. I already have a lot of them in the boxes. I started out as a self-employed person for drawing and graphics and my pen name is ViB. My ultimate dream would be to make a living from comics, but I think there are many of us at the time! But I will persevere.

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