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Viking radio announcer goes crazy for “good!”  »Field missed in an awkward error on the air

The Vikings were fortunate enough to beat the Cardinals in the dying seconds on Sunday with a 37-yard field goal. Minnesota was then leading 34-33.

After Greg Joseph kicked the ball, Vikings radio announcer Paul Allen yelled, “That’s… good!

The problem with Allen’s call is that the kick wasn’t good at all. It was very obvious on TV that the kick was wide to the right, but Allen didn’t notice it until analyst Pete Bercich said, “It’s not good” a second later. . “Are you kidding me?” Allen responded. An awkward silence ensued.

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Both announcers remained in shock from the kick and the call. Allen was premature with his call and got it wrong – a broadcaster’s worst nightmare.

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Fans took to Twitter after a snippet of the call circulated online, wondering what fans must have been through listening to the live radio: Celebrate a second, only to learn that the call from Allen was wrong.

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