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“Viens j’t’emmène” with Paul’O – LeTelegramme Le T +

He remembers it like it was yesterday. He entered a room where Vianney and Patrick Bruel were. “On the set before, there was Véronique Sanson. Bruel, I’m not a fan, but Véro, that would have been class ”. Paul’O’s disappointment was quickly swallowed up. “Frankly, Bruel, he’s nice. And then, he did the job, like a real pro ”.

I never imagined it as a fight. The battle is not my conception of music

He has Bryan, “an adorable kid”, and Jérémy, “who is an absolute fan of Vianney” by his side. He comes “in rehearsal”, eh. Not on TV. I never imagined the thing as a fight between the three of us, but as a rehearsal between friends. The battle is not my conception of music ”.

Paul’O and the loco

In a living room or on the sets, Paul’O’s voice hardly varies. Warm as a spring torrent rolling over the pebbles. Strong like an old whiskey. Friendly like her dog Ben. Fair. So fair. He denies it, however. “Me, I’m not really a singer. I do not know how to go up. My highs are the bass of others. I am a locomotive, I unroll ”.

Look at this, these facial expressions, it looks like I’m going to eat kids

And then for the dance, tintin. “At first, I take the accordion for the key. But it failed completely ”. But Paul’O insists. He learns the song. And on stage, the accordion will prevent it from fidgeting too much. “In the end, it suited me well to have this accordion,” he laughs, reviewing his performance. He grimaces. “Look at that, these facial expressions, it looks like I’m going to eat kids.” Fortunately it was in the evening, I only eat them in the morning ”.

A late night thing

But back behind the scenes, at a time when he learns that he will have to sing Louise Attaque and “J’t’emmène au vent”. He still plagues, months later, but praises the production that cut the moment he disagrees with Vianney. “Me, Gaëtan Roussel, I like it. But not that one. Me, I like lyrics songs and a chorus song comes out that you bawl at 4 in the morning with 3 grams. After a while, the girl knows that he wants to take her to the wind. There’s no interpretation in there, you just have to unroll ”. But either: “I put on my Sunday shirt, we screwed up the first rehearsal” and then, “I took the week to master it as well as possible”. A winning strategy.

Vianney, this punk-bundle

Next time, Paul’O will perform Barbara. Until when ? He puts a finger in front of his mouth. Silent at the time, talkative for the rest and in particular to express his sincere astonishment at the big machine which he undoubtedly imagined more unsympathetic. “All the coaches are sincere and really do the job. They are real, pro, listening. One day, Pagny came to see me telling me that he like me, we were great singers ”. And Vianney, whom he imagined a little smoother, stuck it by quoting the Têtes Raides and the “punk-baluche” universe that makes the bed of Paul’O, Picard living on a boat from the Finistère coast.

The Voice adventure continues for Paul’O, here with his dog Ben in Lampaul-Plouarzel (29), where the singer refines the fairing of his sailboat (Patrick Papy)

I like to perform the titles, be me, live the lyrics

“This time, like the others, it’s the same story. Me, I’m not here for fun. It is about putting yourself in a daze. Me, I like to interpret the titles, to be me, to live the lyrics. If the song is sad, you have to live it and that’s why I was not comfortable on this empty title, ”he insists. Before having a thought for Bryan and Jérémy “whom I did not see again afterwards. We are immediately separated, they are two great guys ”. With whom he would have preferred to share the music, not the war.

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