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Vieilles Charrues: the outlines of a unique edition [Vidéo] – Brittany

1 What form will the festival take?

It is not four but ten evenings that should be offered this year, from July 8 to 18, and each of them will feature two or three concerts. Everything is not yet completely stopped. The gauge will a priori be limited to 5,000 seats, but this figure will be revised every month, until the event, depending on the health situation.

2 What will be the programming?

The poster will be different each night. The co-programmers Jean-Jacques Toux and Jeanne Rucet started working on Friday morning, on the new format, by first looking at which artists are available. The poster is expected to be unveiled in the spring.

3 Will there be headliners?

Will the small gauge make it possible to invite big names in showbiz? Impossible to say at the moment. “The artists were forced to readjust their tours,” explains the festival director, Jérôme Tréhorel. I want to believe that they will be keen to get back on stage. For some, it’s been over a year since they played… ”, he explains.

4 Will the ticket price be higher?

The low tonnage imposed implies a completely different economic model. The festival’s income, both from ticketing and partnerships, will inevitably be less important. The main difference that can put the festival in difficulty is the fact of having a significant annual operating cost because the structure is calibrated to organize a festival for several hundred thousand people. “It is in this that we will need different levers of assistance, and the Minister is committed to supporting us financially in order to allow us to reach a minimum of balance,” says Jérôme Tréhorel, who provides a ticket “A little cheaper than usual”.

5 Can we eat and drink there?

This question is not settled. “We must present to the State services an appropriate organization, so that it is“ covid-compatible ”. However, the director considers that “it is an obligation, in terms of welcoming the public, to be able to offer bars and restaurants”.

6 Can we reserve several evenings?

The 2020 tickets (weekend and three-day packages) will be refunded as of next Friday. The festival hopes to get, as soon as possible, a postponement date for Celine Dion’s concert, which was scheduled for Thursday. “We will suggest that holders of Thursday tickets keep them or have them refunded. A brand new ticket office will be created in the spring for the next edition. In absolute terms, it will be possible to book for several evenings. The director stresses that a reflection is underway “to ensure to satisfy the maximum number of people within the limit of places”. However, there will be no camping.

7 Not always unanimous opinions …

The mayor of Carhaix, Christian Troadec, does not accept having learned through the press of the ten-day festival project. He also wonders about the modalities of the next edition. “We are put here before a fait accompli,” he assures us. The city no longer has contact with the festival. Everything is done without consultation. On the terms, I wonder: can we imagine a seated festival? Will we stick a fine of 135 € to those who stand up? Can we imagine such an event without catering or refreshments? Not in my opinion, it wouldn’t be a festival anymore ”.

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