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Video shows seagull flying into teenage boy’s face on Jersey Shore amusement park merry-go-round

Viral video shows a seagull slamming the face of a teenage Pennsylvania girl as she soars through the air on a merry-go-round at the Jersey Shore amusement park.

The bird-genre close encounter happened to 13-year-old Kiley Holman on July 6 as she straddled the Springshot at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey, NBC Philadelphia reported.

An 18-second clip shows one of the white and gray birds – known on the Jersey Shore to aggressively snatch food from tourists – sinking headfirst into the teenager.

The bird is momentarily flattened by the force of the slingshot-style amusement park ride as it collides with the safety harness wrapping Kiley in the slingshot cage, its beak stuck to her neck.

“It was going the other way around and came back to me right away,” she told NBC Philadelphia.

Kiley can then be seen in the video calmly pulling the seagull out and throwing it into the air, where it flew off unscathed.

“I didn’t want to fall off the merry-go-round, so I waited for him to turn around once, then quickly grabbed him and threw him,” she said.

Kiley told NBC Philadelphia that she “always wanted to catch a seagull.”

“I guess that’s my way of catching it,” she said.

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