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Video shows ‘mad’ Miami airport brawl before cops arrive

Another day, another confrontation at an airport.

Video of the recent Twitter tours shows a nasty scuffle at the American Airlines counter at Miami International Airport.

Two men throw punches at each other, while a woman tries to intervene and throws a few punches herself.


“Ohhh [bleep]”Says a woman off camera as the punches are loud and quick.

The two men rush into the counter, over the luggage barrier, then continue the fight behind. No AA employees are seen, but bystanders can be heard screaming.

A man finally raises his hands in surrender and the video ends.

“Now you’re sorry, now you’re sorry,” said a man nearby, then laughed.

“It’s crazy,” says the original woman, who appears to be the one who shot the video.

A spokesperson for the Miami-Dade Police Department confirmed to the Miami Herald that there was an altercation at the airport on the evening of June 1. Officers from the MDPD airport district responded at the upper terminal, gate 5, in reference to a public brawl, he said. It means a brawl that disturbs the peace.

Frontier Airlines passenger who complained of coughing ordered to ‘drive’ instead

“Upon their arrival, the officers contacted both parties. The two sides did not cooperate, the two sides refused medical treatment and the two sides informed the officers that no altercation had taken place, ”said spokesman Argemis Colome. “Both parties voluntarily left the area.

Another brawl breaks out at Miami International Airport. It’s part of a national trend

Because people were not fighting when the police arrived, no arrests were made.

Under Florida law, public brawl is a first-degree misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in prison.

Fighting at airports and on planes has become more and more common now that people have resumed traveling and is part of a troubling national trend.

“Airports nationwide are facing an unprecedented increase in unruly passenger behavior this year,” said Lester Sola, director and CEO of Miami International Airport, in a statement last month, citing an FAA report. .

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