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Video shows deadly LAPD shooting on Hollywood Boulevard

A man holding a butane lighter with a pistol-like handle was shot dead by two Los Angeles police officers on Hollywood Boulevard last month after they hit him thinking he had a gun and he raised the lighter in their direction, video of the shooting shows.

Before the shooting, a 911 caller described the man, identified as Matthew James Sova, 48, as “shouting and harassing people” with “what looks like a pistol in his hand,” according to a 911 recording. which accompanied by body-worn camera video released by the LAPD on Sunday.

The shooting took place around 11:20 a.m. on July 15, just outside a McDonald’s near the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue. He scared tourists away from the scene and closed the busy shopping corridor to pedestrian and vehicle traffic for hours.

Officers fired at least five bullets at Sova as three passers-by on the sidewalk watched from a few yards away, the video shows. As Sova collapsed to the ground he dropped the lighter while still maintaining his grip on a black folding knife he also had in his hand, it shows.

“Man, why? One of the officers said moments later, as he and his partner handcuffed Sova. The two officers have been identified as Christopher Tabela and Isaiah Galvez.

Sova was pronounced dead at a local hospital. The shooting is still under investigation by the LAPD’s Force Investigation Division, as well as the California Atty office. General Rob Bonta.

The LAPD had previously released stills of the incident showing that Sova raised his arm in the direction of the police at the time of the shooting, and showing that what the police initially described as a “replica handgun” in Sova’s possession was really the butane lighter.

The activists accused the officers involved of excessive force in the case, since Sova did not have a gun.

In his conversation with the 911 dispatcher, the original caller described what Sova was wearing and stated that he had “what looks like a pistol in his hand”.

“He’s just like yelling and harassing people while he’s walking,” she said.

“He’s exposed everything, hasn’t he, not inside the sweater or something?” asked the dispatcher.

“No, yeah, he’s got it,” the woman replied. “Hold it, walk around, play with it. “

The dispatcher then issued an alert to Hollywood units for a man “carrying a gun” and “screaming and harassing” other people.

Surveillance footage, also released by police, shows Sova holding what appears to be the knife in the direction of a local security officer, while holding the lighter in her other hand, before continuing west on along Hollywood Boulevard.

When the two LAPD officers arrived, they stopped their police vehicle in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard, near its intersection with North McCadden Place, jumped and started running in the direction of Sova, video from a camera worn on the body of an officer.

“Drop the fucking gun!” An officer shouted. “Drop your gun!”

Within seconds, the officers were a few yards from Sova.

“Watch out, he has a gun,” one of them said before opening fire.