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There are many signs that we are currently facing serious societal problems.

But perhaps nothing says it better than a video showing an allegedly horrific crime in Las Vegas.

The crime happened on August 14, but video of the incident has only just been released. propagated. Police allege two teenagers were in a stolen car in Las Vegas and the driver first hit another car and then intentionally hit a man on a bicycle. You can see all this in the alleged video here. Police said they believed it was intentional after watching the video they said was circulating on social media, but media outlets have neither published nor confirmed the video.

The video broadcast is disturbing. It’s like they’re thinking they’re playing a video game; you can hear one say “Ready?” » and the other says, “Kick his ass” about the biker, and one of them laughs.

Then, after the car hits him, they seem to realize the severity of the action, with one saying the man was “knocked out,” and the other saying, “We need to get out of here “.

The teenagers fled after the incident. But the vehicle was located a few kilometers away and the teenage driver was arrested.

The motorcyclist, Andreas Probst, 64, was taken to hospital but later died.

The driver, a 17-year-old boy, is now charged with murder. His name has not been released due to his age.

Probst was a retired police chief. He was cycling for exercise because he now has a remote job in global security. His daughter Taylor Probst received an alert from her father’s Apple Watch when it broke, so she knew he was in trouble. Taylor and her mother Crystal Probst went looking for him at the scene of the incident, about three miles from their home.

“I also come from law enforcement growing up,” Crystal Probst said in an interview Friday. “I was able to make sure, there is his bike, his helmet is there, his phone is there. I tell myself, this is not good. (…)

Taylor Probst said his father was everyone’s father because he welcomed any stranger into his home.

“Being with him was like being next to a ray of sunshine,” Taylor Probst said. “He was always laughing, always smiling, offering you support, life advice, career advice.”

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What should we do with young people, who have so little awareness that they do something like this? Unfortunately, we see many behaviors in which children simply do what they want to do without considering the consequences of their actions. Then someone like Probst, who gave so much while serving, is killed for no reason, and we lose everything he could have brought to this life.

We sometimes hear that crime is blamed on poverty. But this is not about poverty or need. At least, not “want” in the economic sense of the term. What do you gain from killing someone for fun and filming it? It’s about the poverty of the soul, about the fact that this teenager would have so little respect for life, who would think that it was somehow “fun”.

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