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Video captures the moment a Florida utility company detonates 495-foot coal stack

In a move towards clean energy, a Florida utility company imploded its last coal-fired power plant on Wednesday that has been hanging over a small town for more than 25 years.

“We’re saying goodbye to smut,” said Florida Power and Light, or FPL spokesperson Jack Eble, NBC West Palm Beach affiliate, WPTV.

The 495-foot inactive chimney was in Indiantown, about 50 miles northwest of West Palm Beach.

The demolition lasted less than 10 seconds, blocked by the bang of the explosion and the crash of the stack.

“This is our last coal-fired power plant in the state of Florida,” Eble said. “This is the next step in our 20-year modernization history of delivering clean, reliable and affordable energy to our customers. “

Soon, the company will also be dismantling the boiler, ash silo and other coal-related infrastructure, WPTV reported. FPL bought the plant in 2016 knowing it would shut it down.

Florida currently has no reserves or production of coal, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Although the state still uses coal, it relies on resources harvested in other states.

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