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Victims and NGOs call on Ottawa to investigate Pornhub’s parent company – RT en français

After the publication of an article in December 2020 denouncing illegal content on the Pornhub site, around 100 victims of sexual exploitation are calling on Canada to launch a criminal investigation against MindGeek, its parent company.

A hundred victims of sexual exploitation supported by more than 500 international NGOs call on Canada to launch a criminal investigation into MindGeek, the parent company of the Pornhub site, accused of profiting from the dissemination of illegal content, in a letter whose AFP took notice on March 4.

In this document sent to Canadian parliamentarians last week, 104 victims and 525 NGOs from 65 countries accuse Montreal-based MindGeek of violating Canadian child protection laws.

“We call on the Canadian government to encourage the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (federal police) to conduct a full criminal investigation into MindGeek,” the signatories write.

Last month, three MindGeek executives, including its CEO, Feras Antoon, testified before parliamentarians on the Standing Committee on Privacy and Ethics. The latter must submit a report on the protection of privacy and reputation on platforms like Pornhub.

“We found, on February 5, 2021, that the testimonies of MindGeek executives, Feras Antoon, David Tassillo and Corey Urman, were particularly shocking in their failure to take responsibility for the destruction of countless lives of victims during the last decade ”, estimate the writers of this letter dated February 22.

A site at the heart of a scandal

Pornhub, one of the most popular porn sites on the planet, has been at the heart of a scandal since the publication, in December 2020, of an article by the New York Times claiming that the site offered illegal content.

Among the 6.8 million new videos published on the site each year, “many show abuse perpetrated on children and violence without consent,” according to the American daily.

In the process, Mastercard and Visa had declared that their credit cards could no longer be used immediately to make payments on Pornhub. The pornographic site, which dismissed the charges, announced a series of measures to combat illegal content.

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