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Victim South Dakota AG ‘Did Not See’ Popped Through Windshield, Investigators Say

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SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota – South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravsnborg has argued since his fatal accident last fall that he hadn’t seen what he hit – but a new video of his interview with the police revealed that the victim’s face had literally come through ”his windshield.

In videos released Tuesday night by the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, investigators can be seen challenging Ravsnborg’s claim that he did not see what he hit in the 12th accident. September 2020. Ravsnborg was driving home from a Republican party. event that night when he punched and killed Joe Boever, 55. Boever’s body was not found until a day later, however, after Ravsnborg initially called 911 only to report that he had hit “something” that he believed may have been a deer.

During an interrogation on September 30, investigators noted that Boever’s glasses were found inside Ravsnborg’s 2011 Ford Taurus.

“That means his face went through your windshield,” said an agent from the North Dakota Bureau of Investigation, one of two who interrogated Ravnsborg for more than three hours in two sessions.

“His face is in your windshield,” the agent said as Ravnsborg moaned. “Think about it.”

Ravnsborg said he hadn’t seen the glasses either, even when he later went to the front seat looking for an insurance card to show Hyde County Sheriff Mike Volek, who lives near the crash site and answered the call to 911.

The officer said the broken glasses found inside Ravnsborg’s car belonged to Boever, who was walking in Highmore when he was hit and killed.

Ravnsborg was also asked why he hadn’t seen a flashlight Boever was carrying when the crash happened at 10:24 p.m. When officers arrived from North Dakota, it was still on, shining “like a beacon,” they said.

Officers also told Ravnsborg they knew he was on the shoulder of the road when the crash happened. He didn’t have an explanation as to why he was there.

Investigators also noted that he made calls and checked websites on his way to the Republican Party event at Redfield in Pierre, the state capital. Ravnsborg had clicked on a Real Clear Politics story about Joe Biden and China just before the crash. He told investigators he put the phone down before the impact.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong,” Ravnsborg said. “I haven’t seen him or anything. I didn’t know it was a man until the next day.

The videos were part of a news collection released on Tuesday, more than five months after the crash.

South Dakota Attorney General Charged In Fatal Car Crash

The Republican official, who was charged last week with three misdemeanors – reckless driving, failing to stay in lane and talking on a cell phone while driving, despite being ahead of the accident – was asked to resign by Governor Kristi Noem, and articles of impeachment were introduced in the Legislature.

So far Ravnsborg – pronounced “Rounds-berg” – has said he will not resign.

“The Attorney General has no intention of resigning. At no time has this problem hampered his ability to do office work, “said a statement released Tuesday by his private spokesperson. “Instead, he dealt with some of the biggest regulations and legislative issues the state has ever gone through.”

“As a lawyer and lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves, AG Ravnsborg fought for the rule of law and personal freedoms and hopes he enjoys the same rights and courtesy.

Noem, a first-term Republican, said it was time for Ravnsborg to leave.

“Now that the investigation is closed and charges have been laid, I think the attorney general should resign,” she said in a statement. “I have reviewed the material that we are posting, as of today, and I encourage others to review it as well.”

Lawmakers from both parties are calling for his impeachment or resignation.

State Representative Will Mortenson (R-Sioux Falls), filed articles of impeachment on Tuesday afternoon, along with House Majority Leader Kent Peterson (R-Salem) and Minority Leader Jamie Smith (D-Sioux Falls) offering their support.

There were two articles of indictment, one for the fatal accident, the other for Ravnsborg’s statements and actions in reporting the accident and during the investigation.

“In the aftermath of the collision, including his report into the collision and the resulting investigation, Jason Ravnsborg took actions unworthy of the attorney general,” the article two states. “Jason Ravnsborg’s statements and actions did not meet the standard of the Attorney General’s Office.”

Boever’s cousin Nick Nemec, who served as the family’s spokesperson, said he was “appalled” by the revelations.

“To me it sounds like a hit and run, even though he called a cop,” Nemec told The Daily Beast. “The cop was incompetent or colluded, I don’t know which one.

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