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Victim Jeffrey Epstein’s mother demands answers after death

The mother of one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims believes that the police investigation into her daughter’s death “should not be closed” and that “she deserves justice”.

Carolyn Andriano’s death in a Florida hotel room in May was officially recorded as an accidental overdose and there were signs she had taken fentanyl, The daily beast reported. There were no obituary notices or funeral services following his death and police opened an investigation into his death.

Mike Jachles, a police spokesman in West Palm Beach, Florida, said The daily beast that the investigation was coming to an end and that Andriano had died of an accidental overdose.

However, her mother, Dorothy Groenert, says her daughter “was thrilled” at the time of her death because she had a new home and “was ready for a whole new lifestyle” after sending her a text saying to no longer use drugs or alcohol.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein are seen at the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, February 12, 2000. Carolyn Andriano testified at Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial.
Davidoff Studios/Getty Images

“Nobody’s giving me any answers, and you know what? I’m done with that,” she continued. “Because she’s my daughter and she deserves justice. She got to a point where she changed her whole life.”

Andriano testified against Ghislaine Maxwell during her sex trafficking trial in New York and juror Scotty David later said in an interview “that she told the truth every step of the way.”

Beyond this trial, there was at one point speculation that she could be called into Virginia Giuffre’s trial against Prince Andrew.

Giuffre reacted to Andriano’s death on Twitter: “My heart weighs heavy with the news of the loss of a beloved #Epstein survivor #GhislaineMaxwell. We were just kids when we met at a party. I’m so sorry, sister .You made the world a better place with you!”

“My daughter was the most loving and generous person”

“It should not be shut down. I begged them, I sent them many messages,” Groenert said. The daily beast of the investigation into Andriano’s death: “I asked them to make appointments, to contact me, and to no avail.”

“My daughter was wonderful,” she added. “My daughter was the most loving and generous person. She trusted everyone. And anyone could say anything negative about anyone except my daughter: she was taught to always find the positive.”

Andriano’s husband, John Pitts, is reportedly feuding with Groenert after Andriano’s will has not been updated since his marriage and the birth of his children, meaning his estate was left to his mother.

Her sister Serena said The daily beast Andriano’s mother’s concerns were “ridiculous.”

“At this time, our family is mourning the loss of Carolyn and prioritizing the care of her children,” she said in a text. “Right now we are kindly enjoying the space and privacy.”

Andriano’s testimony in court

Andriano told the court that Maxwell regularly scheduled her “massages” with Epstein and that she entered a massage room naked and then groped her.

“She came in and felt my breasts, my hips and my buttocks, and said that…I had a great body for Mr. Epstein and his friends,” Andriano said. “She said I had a great body type.”

“Money will never fix what this woman did to me,” she added.

David, one of the jurors in the Maxwell trial, told the ITV documentary Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the pedophile: “Carolyn, her testimony was the most captivating and I felt the most compassion for her because she had literally lived one of the most difficult life stories.

“It doesn’t matter if she was arrested or habitually on drugs and addicted to painkillers… What matters is did you tell the truth? Did this happen to you and she told the truth every step of the way.”

Andriano was only identified as Carolyn during the trial, but later waived her anonymity during an interview in which she described discussing Prince Andrew with Giuffre shortly after he allegedly had sex with Giuffre. He denies the allegation.

She said The daily mail: “I asked her if she had been to the Palace. And she replied: ‘I have to sleep with him.’ I said what ? You’re fucked with me,” and she said “no, I have to sleep with him.”

“She didn’t seem upset. She thought it was pretty cool. I don’t think she (Virginia) deserves any compensation. I don’t think she was forced to do anything.”

Lawyers at the time said News week his account would benefit Giuffre despite his reservations about compensation.

Georges Lederman, a defense lawyer at the international law firm Withers, said: “Ms. Andriano’s testimony regarding coercion or otherwise is likely to have little value in the courtroom, as she would not not declared an expert witness in sexual assault cases.

“So what little benefit Prince Andrew might bring would likely be outweighed by the apparent corroboration of sexual encounters, thereby undermining his credibility.”

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