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very few victims of domestic violence file a complaint

Few of the women victims of domestic violence go to court in Morocco: 2% when it comes to sexual violence, 7% after physical assault, according to an official study published Thursday, November 26 in Rabat.

For violence suffered in public space, 22% of victims file a complaint when it comes to physical assault, 3.5% when the assault is sexual, according to this study published by the High Commissioner for Planning, with support from UN-women.

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Only 3.5% of victims of domestic sexual violence leave their homes, 16% when it comes to physical violence, less than one in ten (8%) stop their “Family commitments” regardless of the assault suffered, according to the same study.

The stigmas of physical violence by the spouses range from scratches and bruises (in 52.2% of cases), to fractures, “Deep incisions”, fractures or breakage of teeth. Sexual violence leads to “Injuries and tears in the genitals” in over 13% of cases, with unwanted pregnancies in 3.5% of cases.

The “social cost”

Less than half of the victims of the most serious violence seek medical help. For working women, violence – whether or not it was suffered in the marital context – resulted in an average loss of fourteen working days per year. About 40% of women victims of violence in a professional setting had to change jobs, 7% had “Completely left the labor market”, emphasizes the study.

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More than one in two women was the victim of some form of violence in Morocco in 2019, according to official statistics. This study on “Social cost” of this violence was carried out between February and July 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic on a population of 15 to 74 years old. Several women’s organizations have expressed concern in recent months about the increase in domestic violence during the long months of confinement linked to the health crisis.

Morocco adopted a law against violence against women in 2018, making the acts punishable by prison for the first time. “Considered to be forms of harassment or ill-treatment”. The study which only takes into account domestic violence was considered insufficient by feminist associations.

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