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Valorant has a new agent named Astra: Abilities, and more about the character

Valorant revealed a new agent on Saturday and his name is Astra. Although Astra will not be fully available for in-game use until March 2.

Astra becomes the game’s 15th agent. Her story is that she is a space-themed agent from Ghana. A Valorant teaser in the YouTube description says that with Astra you can “harness the cosmos and control the fight.” In the video, Astra’s first words are: “You can distinguish a person’s character by their first action.” And then his first action is sniper fire.

A more complete description of Astra is below:

Astra harnesses the energies of the cosmos to reshape the battlefields at will. With complete mastery of her astral form and a knack for deep strategic forethought, she is always one step ahead of her enemy’s next move.

Astra is a controller, which means she uses smoke, walls, and other abilities to help block the enemy’s view.

We’ll go through the full list of Astra’s abilities below.

Astra capabilities in Valorant

Astra has four main abilities and then her ultimate ability. Its four main abilities are Gravity Well, Nova Pulse, Nebula, and Dissipate. His ultimate ability is astral form / cosmic division.

We will go into more detail on what these abilities are below. (this information is via Valiant escapes)

Gravity Well

The gravity well will pull players in the area towards the center before it explodes. Any player trapped inside will become fragile.

Nova pulse

When the Nova Pulse is placed, it charges briefly before exploding. When it triggers, it switches all players in the area.


That’s Astra’s signature ability, and it’s basically just his smoke. You just place a star and then activate it to turn it into a nebula.


When you dispel a star, it allows it to be placed in a new location.

Astral Form / Cosmic Division (Ultimate)

Activate to enter astral form where you can place stars with the main fire. Stars can be reactivated later, turning them into Nova Pulse, Nebula, or Gravity Well.

When the cosmic division is charged, use the secondary fire in astral form to start aiming it, then the primary fire to select two locations. An infinite cosmic divide connects the two points you select. The cosmic fracture blocks the bullets and strongly dampens the sound.

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