Valid Reasons To Switch From Google Chrome To Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome while being one the most used browsers is far from being the perfect one when compared with Mozilla Firefox. As you read along, you are going to be convinced as to why Firefox is a way better browser than Chrome.


What are the advantages of using Firefox as your browser?


  • Fast browsing: The question which arises in the mind of many users is; is Firefox faster than Chrome? Installing Firefox ensures all the trackers which hinders in your browsing speed are blocked. The scripts running in the backgrounds due to these trackers slow down your surfing, which when blocked makes the browsing experience faster. An additional feature of Firefox; blocking cryptojacking also enhances browsing speed. Cryptojacking is common nowadays as people gain unauthorized access to your computer to use it for crypto mining. Fortunately, Firefox browser helps in avoiding it.
  • Blocking videos which autoplay: You may have often faced many annoying videos popping up and playing automatically during your browsing on your Google Chrome. Worry not, Firefox offers a feature which not only mutes audio when out of the box but the popup you tube’s audios and videos both are blocked. A simple change in Firefox seeing will help you in auto blocking the video on the website.
  • Privacy and Security: Firefox offers secure browsing on the internet which ensures none of the browsing history is being shared or accessed by any unauthorized users. There are additional Firefox security addon features through which you can improve browsing security. Firefox for enhancing the security also offers a Mozilla Firefox VPN extension. You can download VeePN for Firefox to ensure secure and fast browsing. You can setup VPN Firefox for free. The VPN apps ensure that your browsing security is maximised by placing it through more channels to encrypt your personal data. Similarly, VPN for Firefox after download, can be used to ensure your data is secure and cannot be leaked to any unauthorized party. Among the many recommended VPNs which you can install in Firefox, VeePN has great reviews and is highly recommended by users across the globe.
  • Extension on your Firefox Mobile Application: While, all the features are available on Mozilla Firefox, the Firefox Mobile version also offers automatic blocking off ads ensuring a direct and speedy browsing experience.
  • Syncing made simpler: Chrome offers a seamless syncing experience which is without a doubt matched perfectly by the Mozilla Firefox. Now, you don’t have to stay with Chrome just because of its data syncing feature, as Firefox offers the same option with additional features to enhance your overall browsing experience.
  • Open-source: Mozilla Firefox is an open-source software which enables all its users to see the coding behind it. While this may not be interesting to many users out there, it’s still a symbol of trust that their most used browser is open for all.
  • Firefox improves productivity and saves time: While Chrome may be one of the most used browsers, Firefox helps in improving your overall productivity with its many features that totally ramp your browsing experience. If you are someone who has to do a lot of work on the internet all day, Firefox can help you with its many extensions like grammar, ad blocking, OneTab, TomatoClock etc.
  • Lighter on RAM: Firefox unlike Chrome doesn’t take much of the RAM space of users and this sets it apart from other browsers. Chrome runs one process with each tab opened while Firefox runs one process for each four tabs opened, this not hogging on to the total memory of your PC. Thus, this will be your best choice if you have a PC with a smaller RAM.


Firefox offers Customisation for its Users


Firefox lets you control each and every button and feature of your browser, an option which is definitely not actually in Google Chrome. Firefox believes in freedom and choice, that the users are free to customize their browser according to their liking and priorities. The many customisation options available on Firefox include:

  • Choosing your own colour and theme which may resonate with your brand image and color
  • You can add quotes to your browser for motivation
  • Study materials can be customized on your homepage which is really beneficial for students
  • You can adjust the interface according to your liking and mood, best part is that UI can be changed very easily so you can change it multiple times according to your liking


Should I be using Firefox or Chrome?


Using either of the browsers (Firefox or Chrome) is completely the user’s choice and depends on the offerings made by both of the browsers. Google Chrome offers a variety of features but Mozilla Firefox with its additional features like speedy browsing, improved privacy and security, simple syncing, mobile extension is a much better choice for users. Firefox with its unique features and improved security through the VeePN extension is your best bet. It is also beneficial for those who don’t have a high end PC and are looking for a browser which doesn’t affect their overall PC speed

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