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Vaccination slots remain vacant in Brittany: should we be worried?  – France

Offer doses of vaccines to customers on the terrace, so as not to spoil a prepared bottle … At the Lorient vaccination center – La Base, we sometimes had to force ourselves to do so, because it There are no longer 15,000 alternatives to avoid losing doses, when, for example, people do not keep their appointments.

“Something’s starting to happen”

In the very recent era when vaccines were trickling in, we could count on evening gleaners, waiting lists. Not anymore. The bites are linked in tense flow. The beginnings a summer flattening of the vaccination curve, far from collective immunity, are even beginning to emerge. “Until now, we are satisfied, we fill our beaches, we vaccinate a lot, the vaccination centers are full, that’s fine. But we feel that, there, something is starting to happen, indeed, ”slips Alain Philibert, deputy general manager of the Bretagne-Sud hospital group. “We are arriving at a plateau phase which was predictable,” said Valérie Moysan, head of the Brézillet vaccinodrome in Saint-Brieuc.

A sign that the supply is starting to exceed demand locally, two tweets from the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and the Côtes-d’Armor prefecture were published on Wednesday, calling on Costarmoricans to make an appointment because of vacant “today and the following days” slots. Particularly in the centers of Brézillet, in Saint-Brieuc. “We have a few available, there is the summer factor and a lack of communication, you are in luck! », Confirms Valérie Moysan.

Alain Fischer: “The vaccine intention is high”

On the side of the ARS, we affirm to have the control of the situation: the opening of vaccination to over 18s, allocations increased sharply for June (+ 65%) in the centers. In this context, there are indeed, particularly in the Côtes-d’Armor, many opportunities for meetings, including for the next few days, ”she notes. And to add that it regulates “the allocation of doses, at the departmental and regional level, to promote the best possible distribution of vaccine niches. There is no stock constituted ”.

Solicited by Le Télégramme, this Thursday, Alain Fischer, the “Monsieur Vaccin” of the government, is not more alarmist. In a written response, he considers “normal that there is an increase in vacant slots in vaccination centers”, given “a growing supply of doses”. According to him, “the campaign is going well and the vaccine intention is high since records are achieved every week: for that of May 31, 4 million injections were carried out, which is the best week since the start of the campaign. countryside “.

Flexibility and openings in the evening

However, in Breton vaccination centers, we can already imagine changing operations to allow as many people as possible to receive their dose. “With the ARS, we asked ourselves whether the hours were adapted to the activity of young workers. But in terms of organization, it would be complicated to stop the vaccination for part of the day to restart it in the evening during semi-nocturnal ”, thinks Alain Philibert. In Saint-Brieuc, we will try to open until 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. And we no longer quibble about the time between the two doses: “The watchword is flexibility. For example, we have a little leeway, between 28 and 42 days (for messenger RNA vaccines), so as not to be too rigid because of the holidays, ”assures Valérie Moysan.

Opening to teenagers aged 12 to 17, June 15, will it be enough to meet the offer? “We have no information on this subject for the moment but we do not feel a great impetus on the part of the young people and their parents”, notes Alain Philibert.

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