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Vaccination: government objectives undermined by mistrust of AstraZeneca – Coronavirus

For the time being, we assure the government, the general pace is held. “And the 20 million on May 15 will be reached,” adds a senior government source. “But if we do not sell the doses of AstraZeneca, we are not certain to reach 30 million on June 15,” she worries, pleading for “to put the French face to their responsibilities “.

For several weeks, the executive has been struggling to demine fears in the face of serum from the Anglo-Swedish group, whose side effects, however very rare, have led the health authorities to limit its use to people over 55 years of age. In front of the majority deputies, Jean Castex expressed his concern in the face of reluctance: “On vaccination, we are progressing less quickly than what we could because AstraZeneca is insufficiently used”. “There are 15 million of our priority citizens who have not yet received their first injection, we must go and get them,” he insisted.

A million doses are waiting to be administered

According to figures from the Ministry of Health, only 75% of AstraZeneca doses received were injected, compared to 90% for the Pfizer vaccine. That is more than a million doses waiting in the refrigerators of doctors and pharmacists. And France should receive two million more during the week …

“We realize that a certain number of our neighbors, in particular Germany and Spain, are injecting AstraZeneca on a massive scale. While we have slowed down the daily consumption of this vaccine, ”said the office of the Minister of Health.

“There is still a small positive quiver on confidence”, still wants to believe the same source, referring to the “dynamics of orders” of health professionals which reflects a request from their patients.

The track of the medical discharge to destock

Still, the executive fears ending up with millions of doses of AstraZeneca ordered on the arms. To the point of seizing the High Authority of Health to study the extension of the target to possible volunteers for this serum, whatever their age, in exchange for signing a waiver.

This specter also incites the top of the state to only gradually open up the countryside to the youngest. Because it is a question of avoiding that the public eligible for AstraZeneca, that is to say the over 55 years, find themselves in a position to claim when making an appointment of RNA sera, type Pfizer, more popular and available to their cadets.

Mobilization operation

The government therefore phosphorus on a new communication operation which should be launched “in the days to come”. If Jean Castex still hopes to receive the support of stars to promote vaccines – the name, among others, of the singer Sheila who denied, having created an ubiquitous controversy – this time it would be more classically messages on social networks and on television in particular.

“A reflection is underway to maintain the vaccine intention, in particular for a younger public, and to reinforce confidence in all the vaccines”, explains the ministry. Government communicators, however, are working on eggshells because promoting AstraZeneca by name, in particular on television, could amount to advertising, with all the related legal constraints in terms of drugs.

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