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Vaccination against covid-19: will collective immunity be reached in early fall?  – Coronavirus

The chairman of the orientation council for the vaccine strategy, Alain Fischer, considers “possible” to achieve collective immunity, with 90% of the population vaccinated, at “the beginning of autumn”. Asked Monday about RTL on the date on which France could achieve collective immunity, the professor of immunology, said: “It is a possibility for the beginning of the autumn”.

Covid-19: the latest news live

Collective immunity is achieved when 90% of the population over 12 is vaccinated or protected because it has been infected, recalled Alain Fischer. The government’s current target is to reach 50 million first doses by the end of August. This corresponds to approximately 85% of those over 12 who would have benefited from at least one dose. As of Sunday, nearly 42.6 million people had received at least one dose.

“Convince” those who are not vaccinated

However, a person is fully vaccinated if they have had two doses, or only one if they have received the Janssen vaccine (single dose) or if they have had covid previously, proven by a test. But although “vaccination is progressing very quickly these days”, we “must finish convincing those who, for the moment, have not been vaccinated”, pleaded the doctor, at the head of the organization in charge. to advise the government on its vaccination strategy.

Vaccination coverage is progressing, nearly 53% of the French population has a complete vaccination schedule, corn hospital pressure continues to increase, consequence of the strong contagiousness of the Delta variant. Hospitals counted 7,581 covid patients on Sunday against 6,843 a week earlier. The intensive care units welcomed 1,137 seriously ill patients against 886 last Sunday.

“Almost half of the people who are hospitalized in intensive care are under 60 years old, which was not the case at the start of the epidemic, because there are fewer vaccinated subjects in those under 60 years old”, exposed Alain Fischer. “No one is safe from serious infection,” he said, explaining that the unvaccinated “make the most serious forms” of Covid-19.

“A good chance to get there without obligation”

Asked about a possible vaccination obligation, the professor considered that there was “a good chance of getting there without obligation” but “if unfortunately the epidemic was still present at a high level and with group immunity, not far from ‘be reached, then perhaps it would be necessary to resort to the vaccination obligation ”. “It is a duty of collective protection”, he argued, “we are protecting people’s lives, protecting our hospital system which can be threatened at any time by a resumption of the epidemic” .

As for the injection of a third dose, “for the moment, we are not there except for the most fragile people, that is to say the oldest” beyond 75-80 years, people who are immunocompromised and for whom it will certainly be necessary “from the beginning of the autumn to set up the booster vaccination”. For the rest of the population, “we can wait a bit and see what the data will be on the persistence of immunity”.

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