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Vaccinated and pro-vaccines in the demonstrations against the health pass – Coronavirus

“Authoritarianism is not the solution,” says Alexander Samuel, a math professor who demonstrated in Nice against the health pass while fighting against anti-vaccine theories. For this 36-year-old man, who claims to be yellow vest, the government’s “deleterious communication” only heightens mistrust against vaccines.

“Instead of inviting McFly and Carlito (at the Elysee Palace in May, for a video with Emmanuel Macron, Editor’s note), we could have called on Fred and Jamy,” he laments, referring to the former hosts of the popular science television program “C’est pas sorcier”.

“Disguised obligation”

The teacher also criticizes the government for highlighting the anti-vaccine discourse carried by some demonstrators to better discredit the whole movement. For him, the extension of the pass “raises a legitimate concern at the level of individual freedoms”, but above all he denounces “the hypocrisy” of a “disguised vaccination obligation” which risks “generating in the long term many more people. defiant ”.

Already compulsory since July 21 in cultural and leisure venues, the pass must be extended on Monday to cafes, restaurants, mainline trains, long-distance coaches and domestic flights, as well as to non-emergency patients and visitors to health establishments and retirement homes. Subject to the decision this Thursday of the Constitutional Council, seized by Matignon and members of the left.

The demonstrators who oppose it have always been more numerous for three weeks. On Saturday, more than 200,000 were identified by the authorities, 160,000 a week earlier.

Director of the Observatory of the opinion of the Jean Jaurès foundation, Antoine Bristielle assured Monday on France Inter that “at present, there are only 17% of the population who refuse to be vaccinated against covid-19, while around 40-45% of people express their support or sympathy “for the anti-pass movement.

Me, I’m a waiter, I never wanted to be a cop

Spokesman for Attac, Raphaël Pradeau thus calls to demonstrate while saying: “As soon as I could be vaccinated, I did it, by measuring my luck to be in a country where I have access to it” . He signed on July 22, alongside association officials and elected officials, the forum entitled “Refuse the health bill and social regressions”.

“What I blame Macron for is this restrictive speech which masks the absence of a health policy”, explains Raphaël Pradeau, stressing that “the least vaccinated people live in medical deserts”. He asks for the “lifting of patents”, to allow other countries to produce vaccines and speed up their vaccination.

“Divide for better control”

The fear of the establishment of a controlling society is also a source of mobilization. “I am a waiter, I never wanted to be a cop,” Stéphane Grand, 27, a protester in Montpellier explained on Saturday. “It disgusts me that we are asked to check who is vaccinated and who is not, it makes my job impossible.”

This question is one of the ten alert points listed on July 20 by the Defender of Rights, who denounces “the control of one part of the population by another” and judges that the verification of the health pass must “be the responsibility of the public authorities. “.

A number of demonstrators are worried that a confrontation will be built between vaccinated and “antivax” which prevents the nuance and a critical position. “It’s difficult to talk about it around me,” says Loïc, 48, a sales executive met in the demonstration in Bordeaux, assuring that he is “not against the vaccine, but against the health past, as a freedom-killing measure”. “We have the impression that there is a desire to divide France. Divide for better control. “

Loïc does not usually demonstrate, even if he had “done a bit of the Demonstration for All”. “But here, what is striking is that there are people from all backgrounds: someone like me rather from a bourgeois background, yellow vests, trade unionists, caregivers …”.

In a video interview with the deputy of La France Insoumise, François Ruffin, broadcast on July 19 on the latter’s Youtube channel, the philosopher Barbara Stiegler also deplores the creation of a “staging of a conflict between the pro and anti ”. A process that “kills thought”, according to her. For the philosopher, the lack of debate on the part of the government marks a “risk of tilting into an authoritarian regime”, due in particular to “increasingly repressive measures”.

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