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US to reallocate vaccines to most demanded states

The Biden administration will begin allocating doses of the vaccine out of states with low demand to those where demand remains high, an administration official said on Tuesday.

The vaccination rush has abated across much of the country, with some states refusing all or part of their weekly dose allocations. The federal government will now transfer some of these doses to areas where appointments remain difficult to obtain.

Governors were notified of the change by the White House on Tuesday. The official spoke to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity ahead of the public announcement expected later today.

The United States is reporting first-dose vaccine injections at less than half the rate of just a few weeks ago, according to a USA TODAY analysis of CDC data. The government reported administering 6.54 million first doses in the week ending Monday, down sharply from the 14 million reported in the week ending April 13. As of Monday alone, the country reported about 471,000 first doses, the lowest number since Feb. 23 as the storm scolded supplies.

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