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Those responsible for the abuses in Tigray must be held accountable, Blinken added, calling for an independent international investigation into reports of human rights violations.

The United States has called for the immediate withdrawal from Tigray of troops from the neighboring country of Eritrea and Amhara, the Ethiopian region bordering Tigray. He also called on the Ethiopian government to cease all hostilities in Tigray and to allow “the unhindered delivery of aid to those in Tigray”.

USAID will deploy a disaster assistance team to provide “life-saving assistance,” Blinkin said.

Highlighting US concern over the humanitarian crisis in the Tigray region, US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield raised the issue during a series of bilateral meetings with Council members Security Council.

Alarms are growing over the fate of the 6 million inhabitants of the Tigray region, as fighting is said to be fiercer than ever between Ethiopian and allied forces and those who support the now fugitive Tigray rulers who once dominated the Ethiopian government .

No one knows how many thousands of civilians have been killed since the conflict began in November. Aid officials have warned that an increasing number of people could starve to death in Tigray.

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