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US Capitol Police to Erect Temporary Fences ahead of “Justice for J6” Rally

U.S. Capitol Police erect a temporary fence around the Capitol in anticipation of a gathering scheduled for September 18 by far-right groups defending The rioters of January 6.

In a press release, Capitol Police said they were “aware of discussions online regarding a demonstration scheduled for September 18. Saturday’s” Justice for J6 “protest will be made up of pro-Trump protesters who oppose the prosecution of those who attacked the Capitol on January 6.

The Capitol Police Council has already issued an emergency declaration that will take effect after the protest, allowing the department to replace outside law enforcement officers as special state Capitol police officers. -United. An interior perimeter that had been erected around the Capitol after the January 6 attack and was dismantled in July.

“We are here to protect everyone’s right to the First Amendment to protest peacefully,” US Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said in a statement. “I urge anyone who thinks of causing trouble to stay home. We will enforce the law and not tolerate violence.”

The United States Capitol Police held protest planning meetings throughout August, including with members of Congress.

As CBS News previously reported, far-right groups, including the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers, plan to attend the rally, according to sources close to intelligence. Intelligence gathered so far suggests that 300 to 500 people will attend the event, and some members of Congress have been invited to attend, a federal law enforcement source said. It is not clear whether members will be present.