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US B-52 bomber flies over Paris as part of NATO exercise – RT in French

Four American B-52 bombers flew over several NATO member countries on May 31, including France. In the sky over the capital, two French Rafales escorted one of the bombers as part of Operation Allied Sky.

The recent revelations on the spying of European leaders by the NSA have obviously not got the better of France’s partnership with Washington. This is evidenced by the flight over the French capital by an American B-52 bomber on May 31. American military planes that have indeed flown in the skies of several European countries – but also of Canada – members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. They were each time escorted by fighter jets from the countries concerned, for a day dedicated to demonstrating the defense capabilities of NATO allied nations.

The French army is particularly involved in NATO operations, as in the Baltic countries through missions Enhanced air policing (Air and Space Army mission), nhanced forward presence (Army mission) and NRF alert (Nation response force – NATO reaction force). The Ministry of the Armed Forces also underlined in a press release that “as a reliable, credible and united ally”, France respected “its commitments vis-à-vis NATO and its allies, while maintaining its strategic independence. ”

“Today’s mission is a tremendous demonstration of NATO’s air superiority”, can we also read in the document the words of General Jeffrey Harrigian, Allied Air Command of NATO and the Air Forces of the States -United in Europe and Africa.

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