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US Air Force aviator Elijah Posana goes missing while swimming at Surfside Beach

FREEPORT, Texas (KTRK) – An urgent Coast Guard search is underway after a U.S. Air Force aviator went missing while swimming near Freeport on Sunday, authorities said.

Elijah Posana, 22, was swimming at Surfside Beach when he got into trouble. Officials said Posana was pulled by a tearing current and was never seen after that.

The Coast Guard sent boats and a helicopter in the hopes of locating him.

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Rip currents are not only dangerous, they can be fatal. Here is some important information to know before swimming in these waters.

  • The phenomenon kills around 100 people every year on American beaches
  • Rip currents don’t drag you underwater. Instead, they take you away from the shore
  • If you get caught in one, don’t try to swim to shore or panic. Both of these actions will only tire you out faster, increasing the danger.
  • Instead, swim parallel to the shore. If you’re too tempted to swim side-by-side, you can try to float calmly until the current subsides, or you can wave and scream to try and get the attention of a lifeguard.

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