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Urbex fans, Justine and Chloé track abandoned sites

The meeting point is fixed at the church of Plobannalec (29). It is planned to go to an abandoned site. Justine and Chloé don’t give us more information. It is one of the golden rules of Urbex, not to reveal the addresses of the places visited to a non-initiate. We follow their vehicle and very quickly we lose our sense of direction. After several kilometers in the open countryside, suddenly, stop. What municipality are we in? We don’t know. The young women present to us one of the emblematic sites of Urbex in Pays Bigouden, a former summer camp.

The ideal is to come across intact buildings

All the buildings are very degraded. The site now attracts airsoft players, a shooting game with replica weapons that project plastic balls. He is not really to the taste of Justine and Chloe. Young Bigoudènes prefer to explore less deteriorated places. “The ideal is to come across intact buildings,” explains Justine.

Interested in history

With her accomplice, she has just discovered a rare pearl, a penty still entirely in its own juice. At random from a stroll in the Bigouden country. “It’s incredible, everything stayed where we were, we found food, administrative documents, a packet of laundry or even a bicycle. Nothing has changed for at least 40 years. We imagine the lives of the people who lived here. What interests us most is history, ”says Justine. The duo did not touch anything, it is the other golden rule of Urbex. No entry, door or fence, was forced.

Each equipped with a reflex, they simply took photos and posted them on their Facebook page. Impossible to know more about the precise location of the small house renamed “The widow’s house”. Their clichés, most of the time close-ups, voluntarily offer no leads.

A real investigation

The two women, in search of new places, roam the whole of the department and can even extend their research. Before going into the field, they collect, during a real investigation, clues most often gleaned from the internet. Google Maps is a valuable source.

To practice Urbex, you must take precautions, some sites can be dangerous (DR)

A true fashion phenomenon, which first developed in the United States in the 2000s, urbex is experiencing drifts. Many sites, which have become too popular, are squatted and damaged. The community of “urbexers” exists but it is not homogeneous.

We never go alone

And the practice is not without its dangers. First, because it is prohibited, intrusion into private property being punishable by a fine. Urbex also poses a real question of the physical safety of the people who engage in it. Falling roof, sharp objects, chemicals… Justine and Chloé are well aware of this. They take all the necessary precautions (phone charged, adequate clothing, headlamp, first aid kit) before setting out on an exploration. “We never go alone,” comments Chloe.

Adrenaline rush

Sometimes you have to turn back. This was the case recently during a visit to a sanatorium located in northern Finistère. The Bigoudènes had the fear of their lives. “The place was disturbing, the atmosphere heavy. We felt a presence when suddenly a noise sounded. We preferred to leave the place ”, says, still disturbed, Justine. Adrenaline rushes are part of the game. Not enough to slow down explorers. They have just spotted an old agricultural shed whose roof has suffered. “The most common buildings often hide more treasures than a beautiful castle”, according to Justine.