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Urban Meyer: Tim Tebow “did a decent job” in getting closer to the Jaguars

It’s still early in Tim Tebow’s Jacksonville experience, but so far Jaguars coach Urban Meyer seems happy with Tebow’s effort.

According to Meyer, Tebow – who is trying to go from quarterback to tight end – is picking things up “decently” in his new position.

“Oh, Tim did a decent job. We all know it’s a new job for him,” Meyer said, according to John Reid of the Florida Times-Union. “He’s a great teammate. In the locker room I can see that everyone is getting along well, we have good chemistry in our team. But he understood that.”

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It might not sound like a resounding endorsement, but given that Tebow hasn’t played a regular season game in the NFL since 2012 and has spent the past five years playing minor league baseball, “decent” begins to appear. sound pretty good.

This is especially true when comparing these comments to Meyer saying it was “awkward” to see Tebow at close range during his first practice.

Meyer also said it was difficult to gauge exactly how the players were doing until fully padded training camp practices took place.

“You wish you could see and do (more),” Meyer said. “In spring football you have full pads and scrimmages, and you can really assess, but it’s a little tough right now.”

It can be difficult to know exactly how Tebow ranks, but it looks like he’s struggling as he attempts an unlikely comeback.

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