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Urban business responds to protests and develops 12-point change plan


Following protests from some beauty professionals associated with Urban Company (UC), sources informed CNBC-TV18 that the company launched an internal rating to introduce a 12-point change program that included reduced commissions, product costs, penalties and a change in partner rating systems.

However, the partners said that while the company has taken a big step forward, some issues remain.

“An official announcement will likely take place today,” sources said.

According to sources, UC will reduce commissions on the highest slice of services by 30 to 25%.

“Prices will be increased in certain beauty product references to maximize partners’ income. Partner Blocks, other than Rating Blocks, will be removed from the Platform. Each partner will be entitled to 1 cancellation / no-show without penalty each month, plus up to 2 cancellations suggested 12 hours before the meeting. The penalty cap will be reduced to Rs 1,500, “sources said.

“Customers will be charged a fee for last minute cancellations. Average scores will be calculated over 100 jobs instead of 50 and the retraining window will be reduced from 5 days to 3 days. Optional credit deductions will be made mandatory,” they declared.

Sources further said the company will set up a dedicated female helpline for female partners and educate customers.

“Urban Company will charge the pros for the products after obtaining the consent of the pros. The company has reduced prices by 10-15% in high value categories,” they added.

Additionally, the company will expand immunization support, reimburse the cost of each pro’s immunization until December 31, 2021, and facilitate insurance claims.

Meanwhile, the company professional will meet with management today to demand a written commitment on the announced changes.

The UC professional said that commissions should be reduced on low value, basic grade jobs.

(Edited by : Anshul)

First publication: STI