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Yesterday, patch 29.2 went live with some changes to weekly quests, making them harder to complete but granting more XP. We had found that many players were regularly completing their weekly quests as part of their regular play, without even truly engaging in the weekly quest system. Our goal with these adjustments was to give all of our players goals to work towards and reward our most engaged players (who would likely complete the weekly quests without much difficulty) for their engagement in the game.

But we’ve heard your feedback and it’s clear we’ve gone too far.

We want to reward players for their extra effort, not make those rewards beyond their reach. Therefore, we are implementing an unplanned hotfix that drops most weekly quest requirements to somewhere between what they were before and what they are now. We will keep the extra XP where it is. We will have more information on the timing of this unplanned hotfix soon, but it will be in addition to our first planned hotfix that is already planned.

This reduction in quest requirements could have strange effects. When you log in, for example, you might see a weekly quest that’s over 100% complete. If this happens, it should be resolved after playing a game and progressing through that particular quest again.

Thank you for your feedback on this update. We can’t wait to see how the changes will feel after these adjustments.

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