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Up to one year in prison and a fine of € 15,000 for lack of a health pass?  Amendment 274 adopted – RT in French

Amendment 274 provides for the application of the penal code punishing the endangerment of others for failure to present a health pass where it is required. Objective: to exonerate the owners of establishment in the event of non-compliance with the rules by a customer.

“The person who does not register at the entrance of the establishment or does not scan the code made available puts both his life but also that of others in danger, which is why the penalty incurred must be equivalent to the penalty of endangering others. ” Proposed by five Modem deputies, amendment n ° 274 was adopted at first reading on July 22 in the lower house of Parliament.

Made public on the website of the National Assembly, the text thus provides for incurring up to one year in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros for anyone who does not flash a QR code or sign a signature. a protocol book required at the entrance to the place concerned.

“In the existing protocol, the fact of not flashing the QR code of the place is neither punished nor controlled. This is why this amendment proposes that this obligation be reaffirmed by law and to add to this obligation a penalty equivalent to that of endangering others ”, argue the authors of the text, explaining thus wanting to exempt business owners in the event of non-compliance with the rules by a client. “The responsibility for this gesture must fall on the person holding the tool allowing him to use the reminder book (mobile phone allowing him to scan the QR code)”, can we indeed read in the amendment in question.

MPs want to sanction customers

“Against the advice of the government, the deputies provide for sanctions against customers who do not complete the paper or digital reminder book in establishments open to the public. It was an amendment by Christophe Blanchet ”, for its part reported the parliamentary channel LCP.

“My amendment aimed at making customers of shops where the health pass is compulsory more responsible has just been adopted. I prefer that rather than to impose the sanction only on companies ”, for his part argued on social networks the elected representative of Calvados.

As a reminder, in accordance with recent announcements by Emmanuel Macron, the protocol involving the presentation of a health pass entered into force on July 21 for cultural and leisure places bringing together more than 50 people and will be extended from the beginning of the month of ‘August in cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, medical establishments and long-distance transport.

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