Unusual: 15 UD Las Palmas footballers miss the plane for going to have coffee

The Las Palmas footballers during this season’s match against Real Sociedad (EFE).

The match between Sevilla and UD Las Palmas is already the most surreal of the season and it hasn’t even started. The expedition of the Canarian team had scheduled its flight to Madrid this Saturday at 2:40 p.m. and from there travel to Seville and face the Seville club in the match corresponding to the fifth day of LaLiga. However, what seemed like a protocol and routine act has turned into a fun anecdote. The flight suffered a slight delay, which 15 team players and two physiotherapists took advantage of to go have a coffee.

Time overwhelmed them and the plane took off without 17 members of the Canarian expedition. Only a portion traveled on the corresponding plane. The error has already been corrected as reported by the Canarian entity in a statement. “The Las Palmas Sports Union expedition will sleep completely in Seville thanks to the operational agility of Binter, who managed to find both the plane and the available crew and correct the incident of fifteen players and two physiotherapists who missed the scheduled flight. “The vice president of the entity, Nicolás Ortega, heads this expedition, since he had planned to fly today, an hour later to join the group tonight, but he advances his departure to coincide with the straggler expedition members,” the statement reads.

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