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Untangling the many theories behind the unsolved murder of Tupac Shakur

Knight was therefore at the wheel of his BMW, with Shakur in the passenger seat. Alexander was following him and he didn’t even stop to get gas when the light came on, he was so focused on his charge.

The group spent about 30 minutes at Knight’s before the caravan took off for 662. Knight and Shakur were blasting music. Stopped in traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard, aka Vegas Strip, a bicycle policeman approached Knight’s car. Alexander watched Knight get out of the car and open the trunk for the cop, who sent them on their way.

At the next intersection, shortly after 11 p.m., a white Cadillac pulled up beside Knight’s car. A hand wielding a gun came out and fired 14 shots at the BMW. (The 1996 black BMW has been fully restored and is available for purchase at Celebrity Cars in Las Vegas for $ 1.75 million.) Alexander jumped out of his car but Knight, whose skull had been pierced by a fragment ball, turned around and sped off with several other cars in pursuit. Slowed down by a flat tire, he was finally forced to stop. Alexander caught up with him, as did the police and paramedics.

“As soon as everyone stopped, bam, the doors all opened, pretty much everyone got out, and I thought for sure it would be a shootout,” retired Metropolitan Police sergeant from Las Vegas. Chris Carroll, who was on a bicycle patrol at the time and was the first officer on the scene that night, reminded E! News in 2018.

“At the time, we had no other information than that there was a shooting and that these cars were fleeing from the police. I thought that one of the [the people in] the cars were the shooter, at least. We don’t know who is hunting whom, or why. So when they got there, I pulled out my gun and was trying to tell everyone, yelling at them, to get down. Some of them did and some didn’t. It was a kind of passive resistance. Some of them kind of looked at each other, like, “are we listening?” What are we going to do here? They kind of reluctantly complied. “