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Unseen footage of Queen Elizabeth revealed

Written by Sara Spary, CNN

New never-before-seen footage of Queen Elizabeth II, including home movies and recently digitized ‘lost’ material from her tours around the world, will be released in the UK on Thursday for the first time.
The images, which also show an “intimate” portrayal of the Queen on vacation and “off duty,” will show the monarch as “a mother, wife, cook, animal lover, farmer and expert rider,” according to the ITV channel in a press release.

The program “The Invisible Queen”, which airs ahead of the royal’s 95th birthday on April 21, aims to “lift the mask of royalty” and reveal the real woman behind “the enigma,” the press release said.

He promises to reveal “the private Elizabeth Windsor” and the impact of duty on her personal life, ITV added.

The film will include interviews with Anne Glenconner, who was a bridesmaid at the Queen’s coronation, royal photographer Arthur Edwards and Charles Anson, who was the monarch’s press secretary in the 1990s.

‘One woman, two characters’

It will also feature Christopher Warwick, historian and official biographer of the Queen’s sister, Princess Margaret. He will say of the queen: “It is a woman in two characters. It is the other side of the coin. You have the woman, turn her over, you have the sovereign.”

The interviews, ITV said, will reveal his “true character, his shyness, his love of the country life and his relationship with his family.”

The Queen, pictured wearing sunglasses, stayed as a guest at the home of then New Zealand Governor General Willoughby Norrie. Credit: Sarah stephenson

During the documentary, Anson describes his “lively sense of humor” and his high regard for his grandchildren.

The footage includes a rare amateur video of the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, at the home of New Zealand Governor General Willougby Norrie, where the couple took a short break after an ‘exhausting’ tour in 1953.

The footage was recorded by Norrie’s wife over Christmas and shows the royal couple enjoying the outdoor pool and Philip struggling to climb a pool float.

Separate archive footage throughout her reign shows the Queen vacationing in Scotland and relaxing at home while cooking a barbecue for friends.

Unseen footage of Queen Elizabeth revealed

Queen Elizabeth, pictured here with one of her cows in 1992, has developed a long friendship with farmer Don Ferguson. Credit: The Ferguson family

The program also reveals her passion for animals and highlights her unlikely friendship with a New Zealand dairy farmer called Don Ferguson, with whom she owned cows and with whom she had a long friendship until her death in 2017. , the show’s creators told CNN.

He will feature footage of his constituency with US President Ronald Reagan and his meeting with Yugoslav Communist President Josip Broz Tito in Belgrade during the Cold War, the press release added.

The documentary will air in the UK on ITV at 9 p.m. (4 p.m. ET) Thursday.

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