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United States backs Israel, targeted by International Criminal Court investigation – RT en français

The US State Department, through its secretary of state, criticized the decision of the International Criminal Court to open an investigation into alleged war crimes by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The United States has announced “firmly opposed” to the investigation opened by the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), into alleged war crimes of Israel in the occupied Palestinian territories. An announcement clarified by a press release on March 3 from the US State Department and signed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

“Today, the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), whose mandate ends in June, confirmed the opening of an investigation into the Palestinian situation. The United States strongly opposes this decision and expresses its deep disappointment. The ICC has no legal jurisdiction over this issue. Israel does not participate in the ICC, and has not consented to this jurisdictional court. We have serious concerns about the ICC’s attempt to exercise legal power over Israeli affairs, ”said the secretary of state for international affairs. Indeed, Israel is not one of the states that signed the founding Treaty of Rome of the ICC.

United States reaffirms support for two-state solution

The United States noted “potential territorial, temporal and national vices in the future court ruling” before adding: “The United States remains firmly committed to justice and legal accountability for crimes committed in the United States. ‘international. We recognize the role of international tribunals such as the ICC. […] The ICC has been agreed by the participating states as a court with limited jurisdiction. Therefore, the limits of the Court’s mandate must be respected under the principles of international law. ”

“Finally, the United States believes that a peaceful, secure and more prosperous future for the people of the Middle East depends on building bridges for dialogue and exchanges, and not on unilateral judicial decisions which exacerbate tensions. and undermine the possibility of advancing the negotiation of a two-state solution [entre Israël et Palestine]. We will continue to honor our commitments with Israel for its security and thus we will oppose any step likely to attack the Hebrew state unfairly, ”the State Department statement concluded.

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